• Hunter.
  • Wanderer.
  • Adventurer.

Victor Vran



Become Victor, hunter of demons. Forge your own hero on a quest to liberate the cursed city of Zagoravia. Vanquish the servants of darkness, as you battle with the burdens of a life left behind…

You will require great skill to defeat your enemies. Look your very best and reinforce your play style with a monumental arsenal of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers and fate-binding destiny cards.

Redefine how you play at any moment, even in the heat of battle. Modify your demon slaying loadout as you dodge deadly attacks, leap from towering locations, and crush the skulls of your foes.

Fedora or no fedora, you decide!


Victor Vran is the critically acclaimed Action RPG from Haemimont Games, free from the chains of classes and skill trees, Victor Vran allows you to define your character by choosing a loadout to suit your play style - and even adapt on the fly.


"A breath of fresh air"


"Combat is hard-hitting and immensely satisfying"


"Extremely Personable"


"An absolute must for fans of the genre"


A Victor Vran addition

A perilous place for even the most experienced of hunters, explore its unfathomed depths through new levels and endless dungeons where each step proves more dangerous than the last. Continue your journey as Victor as you attempt to piece together the Astrolabe.

Explore Fractured Worlds

A Victor Vran addition

Enter the world of “Motörhead: Through the Ages”, a wild tour through the mythos of the loudest band in the world! Harness the powers of the immortal Motörhead to defeat deadly new adversaries in three demon-infested worlds intertwined with the songs of the band.

Explore Motörhead


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About Haemimont Games

Beautiful, Enduring Games

Haemimont Games is Bulgaria’s largest independent video game developer. Founded in 1997 by CEO Gabriel Dobrev, the award winning studio is home to more than 50 passionate designers, programmers and artists who have been brought together by a common passion: to thrill, engage and provoke gamers worldwide.

The studio has developed multiple titles including the highly acclaimed Tropico series, Grand Ages: Rome, Omerta: City of Gangsters and Victor Vran on a variety of platforms – MS Windows, MacOS, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4, using its proprietary multi-platform engine.

The Team

We’re more than 50 passionate designers, programmers and artists brought together by a common passion: to create outstanding games.

Our Games

Since 1997 we’ve created 11 full titles and numerous expansions. We’re best known for the Tropico series, Omerta: City of Gangsters and Victor Vran.

About Wired Productions

Publishing Future Indie Classics

Wired Productions is an established independent computer games publisher based in Watford, UK

Founded in 2008, Wired have produced over 40 titles for many global publishers and are part of the team responsible for the 1.5 million unit selling We Sing franchise. In 2013, Wired moved into console publishing on all major platforms.