‘Motörhead: Through the Ages’ is a wild tour through the mythos of the loudest band in the world! Bring the mighty Snaggletooth back to life with the help of Lemmy and Lloyd Kaufman! Harness the powers of the immortal Motörhead to defeat frightening new enemies in three demon-infested worlds intertwined with the songs of the band.



Victoria aut morte

Founded by Lemmy Kilmister in 1975, Motorhead would become one of the most popular bands in the world with a fan-base that is second to none. Having released 22 Albums over their 40 year career and sold over 30 million records, their final album Bad Magic went to #1 in Germany and entered the Top 10 in the UK Album charts is testament to the strength of the bands influence and popularity in modern music.

Their brand of uncompromising heavy rock has seen them widely acknowledged as one of the most influential, and iconic, bands in rock music history.


Inspired by the music, art and attitudes of the band

The World of Wars

The World of Wars is inspired by Motörhead’s military influences. Take the fight to the Führer and the forces of evil as you unleash the bomber against your foes.

The Weird West

The Weird West takes you on a journey through 70’s Motörhead including the legendary album Ace of Spades. Inspired by the fight against religious control overcome the influence of the cruel Preacher.

The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages is inspired by the fight between Rich and Poor and the evil aristocracy. Lay siege to their fortress, unleash the iron fist and stand against the Queen of the Damned.



  • Succubi

    These female demons emanate auras of fatal desire and magical trickery, stimulation and simulation of feelings that threaten to engulf men and force them to surrender. The desire to live is the only thing that can save you from being consumed by these beautiful demons.

  • Hellhounds

    Creatures spawned in the pits or unfortunate souls transformed into demon beasts? Who could tell? No matter their origin, all hellhounds share the same traits. Deadly jaws capable of puncturing plate armor, lust for flesh, and unquenchable appetite for destruction – all bent on devouring the remains of the worlds infested by their packs.

  • Scorpions

    It’s lamentable what happened to the creatures of the land when the evil of the Preacher arrived. Succumbing to his righteous presence, the unfortunate Scorpions became the instrumental of his will. Beings no longer from this world, they are driven to pursue the sinners who dare refuse the truth that the Preacher hath brought to the people.


New Ways to Defeat Your Foes


The Guitar is a multi-target ranged weapon. Split timing – time the rhythm of your attacks to inflict critical hits.

Play a Wicked Solo to stun all nearby enemies and gain the Enraged condition. Then use the Bang! attack to deliver a devastating blow to a single enemy.


The Pistols are long-ranged weapons designed for simultaneous movement and fire.

Use the Bullet Hell attack to cripple nearby enemies, then power up the Barrage attack while moving backwards to deal extra damage to them.


Rock Like the Band, Dress Like the Band

  • Lemmy's Outfit

    Lemmy is Motörhead. Forming the band back in June 1975, Lemmy was the lead singer, songwriter, front man and bassist for the iconic English rock band.

    Lemmy’s in game outfit increases the wearer’s maximum Overdrive by 2000, whilst also granting the player a 50 point armour boost while below 50% health.

  • Mikkey's Outfit

    Mikkey joined Motörhead in 1992 and features on 13 Motörhead albums up to their final studio album in 2015. Mikkey is currently drummer for the German band Scorpions.

    Mikkey’s outfit in game grants the wearer a 20% boost in maximum health when a Demon Power is used.

  • Phil Campbell

    Phil Campbell joined Motörhead back in 1984 and features on 16 Motörhead albums up to and including their final studio album Bad Magic. Phil was voted number 20 in a poll of Welsh Heroes ahead of Roald Dahl and Anthony Hopkins. Phil is currently the lead member of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons.

    Phil’s in game outfit offers the wearer 1 additional Destiny Card slot, raises the player’s Destiny Points by 4 and increases the rate at which Overdrive is gained by 40%.


13 Classic Motörhead Hits Plus Never Heard Instrumentals

Motörhead Through the Ages features 13 of the bands most iconic tracks. From Motörhead classics through to late gems and super-fan favourites, Through the Ages will take you on a journey through 40 incredible years of Rock.

Rock out to fan-favourite tracks from Motörhead like they’ve never been heard before: activate Monuments of Rock to experience unwoven stems from the band’s original studio sessions, then defeat hammering waves of monsters to complete the song and earn exciting new treasures, weapons, and abilities.

Don’t forget to unleash your demon powers as you play, with a whole new array of powers inspired by the band and their music, call in the Bomber, unleash the Iron Fist or power up the Deaf Forever amp to stun your enemies into a headbanging frenzy.

Lemmy was the founder, singer, songwriter, bassist and front-man of the legendary rock band.

Lemmy’s doodles are hidden throughout the worlds of Motörhead Through the Ages



Lloyd Kaufman is a co-founder and the CEO of Troma Entertainment Inc. Lloyd and Lemmy were great friends with Lemmy even appearing in many Troma films. Brought together by their mutual love of art, Lemmy never asked for a fee to appear in a Troma movie, all he asked for was a bottle of Jack (in later years a Bottle of Makers Mark!) and a couple of Tromettes to keep him company… as Lloyd will tell you “it’s very boring on set for a Troma film!”

Each of Victor Vran’s worlds contains a hub, for the world of Motörhead it always had to be a pub. Inspired heavily by the Rainbow Bar & Grill, where Lemmy spent much of his time playing video games, visitors to The Pub at the End of Time have the ear and advice of pub steward Lloyd.

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