A: Victor Vran is the critically acclaimed Action RPG from Haemimont Games, free from the chains of classes and skill trees, Victor Vran allows you to define your character by choosing a loadout to suit your play style – and even adapt on the fly.

A: Journey to the Fractured Worlds, a dimension formed from the fragments of broken realms. A perilous place for even the most experienced of hunters, explore its unfathomed depths through new levels and dive into the fracture itself, an endless dungeon where each step proves more dangerous than the last.

Discover Talismans – a unique new item type which transforms both your look and combat capabilities, as you face off against new enemies to become stronger than ever before.

Continue your journey as Victor as you attempt to piece together the Astrolabe in this new, thrilling addition to Victor Vran.

A: ‘Motörhead: Through the Ages’ is a wild tour through the mythos of the loudest band in the world! Bring the mighty Snaggletooth back to life with the help of Lemmy and Lloyd Kaufman!

Harness the powers of the immortal Motörhead to defeat frightening new enemies in three demon-infested worlds intertwined with the songs of the band.

This fully-scoped addition is suitable for newcomers to the game, veteran demon hunters and Motörheadbangers alike.

‘Motörhead: Through the Ages’ adds vast new worlds to the universe of Victor Vran, all heavily inspired by Motörhead’s lyrics and attitude. Enter the Wörld of Wars, the Weird West and the Dark Ages. Bring the fight to the evil oppressors of these worlds – the Preacher, the Führer and the Queen of the Damned – and their unsettling agendas.

A: You gain additional equipment slots/health/destiny points as you level up, as well as reward items. New mechanics are unlocked at certain levels.

A: Yes, the loot scales according to Victor’s level. We don’t want to waste your time – whatever area you choose the game will offer adequate challenges and rewards.

A: Mobs don’t level up in the traditional sense. A Frostcrawler (the nasty ranged blue spiders) is always the same mob – same health, damage, everything. If you get better gear you will naturally kill them faster. However, to keep all areas interesting, mobs get additional modifiers. At some point you will start meeting Deadly Frostcrawlers. Deadly mobs have more damage and a bit more health. Later on you will meet Crippling Frostcrawlers. Crippling monsters do even more damage and cripple (slow down) your character on hit. Each monster has its own progression that is true to its core idea – not all monsters become crippling.

A: Yes, all enemies respawn when you return to the Hub. You can also restart any level.

A: Hexes change the difficulty by adding additional effects. For example, there is a hex that increases the amount of damage monsters do and another that increases their speed. Each active hex increases the amount of experience you gain and gives additional chance for loot drops.

Victor Vran features Hard Mode for experienced masochistic players, but we don’t recommend it for your first playthrough. Seriously. Our recommendation is to start in Normal Mode and tailor your difficulty with Hexes (see below).

A: The rarest weapon grade… They look different than the basic weapons and apply special effects unique for each legendary weapon. Legendary Weapons scale their damage as the player levels up, so they remain powerful from the moment you find them up to max level.

A: The character gets new abilities up to level 50. Afterwards, you start gaining Renown levels. There is no cap for Renown levels. The Fractured Worlds addition takes this up to level 60.

A: Going through the main story takes around 25 hours for the average player. Completing all challenges and secrets requires much more time, so you can easily spend 100+ hours with the game and still have what to do.

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